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Camp Infinity’s Statement of Faith

We help students understand biblical authority and how to use their lives and STEM talents for the glory of God.

Camp Infinity integrates a strong creation apologetics focus with STEM education. We help students learn to counteract skeptics’ attacks on the word of God that are based on so-called “science.”

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Our Mission

Camp Infinity’s mission is to inspire students to explore how science and technology integrate with a creation apologetics worldview, preparing them to explain and defend their faith and succeed in their STEM education and in their future careers.

Board of Advisors

Picture of Sam Brock

Sam Brock

Director of Camp Ironwood and Family of Camps

Sam Brock

Sam Brock, director of Camp Ironwood, graduated in 1990 from Bob Jones University with a degree in Marketing Management. He then earned his master's degree in English Bible from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. While at Maranatha, Sam served as student activities director. He and his wife Cindy have been serving the Lord at Ironwood since 1991 and are active in their local church. They have four children—Hannah, Sierra, Cheyenne, and Bodie. On occasion, Sam is known to resemble Crazy Coot and Refill Fuddyduddy, a couple of characters who show up at camp once in a while. Sam's self-described greatest accomplishments are 1) getting Cindy to say "I do" and 2) becoming vice-president of the Desert Pygmies at age nine.

Picture of Dr Marc Chetta

Dr Marc Chetta

MD, College Professor

Dr Marc Chetta

Dr. Chetta serves as associate professor of biology at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. His regular course load includes Anatomy and Physiology for nursing majors, and a cadaver-based Physiology and Anatomy course for premed and cell biology majors. He launched the latter course in 2011 with the acquisition of a cadaver and the iWorx physiology computer lab.

Picture of Dr Jeremy Ervin

Dr Jeremy Ervin

PhD Science Education

Dr Jeremy Ervin

Dr. Jeremy Ervin is the Inaugural Dean of the School of Education at Cedarville University. With his experience in providing professional learning for K-12 teachers and his time teaching pedagogy in higher education, he recognizes how the 21st Century classroom needs to center on the engagement of the learner with enduring understandings. As a certified 7-12th grade mathematics & science teacher, his research interest has been focused on STEM Literacy and aimed at building connections between teachers, professors, and teacher candidates (future teachers). Dr. Ervin’s expertise enables him to provide effective workshops on STEM education, technology integration, and curriculum design around Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Picture of Bryan Malik

Bryan Malik

Pastor, Missionary, Data Analyst

Bryan Malik

Bryan graduated with a Business/Economics degree in 1982. In 1984, he began serving as a graduate assistant and faculty member at Bob Jones University in the Math and Computer Science department and also received an M.A. in Pastoral Studies. There he met his wife, Karen, and in 1998 they moved to Lithuania as missionaries and spent 12 years on the mission field in Lithuana and Puerto Rico. Then in 2010, Bryan, Karen and their two daughters moved to Colorado, where Bryan completed his work for a D.Div. in Pastoral Studies. He currently works full-time as a data analyst and part-time as an associate pastor at Tri-City Baptist Church.

Picture of Ben Menking

Ben Menking

Systems Architect at WORLD News Group

Ben Menking

Ben is a graduate of Bob Jones University in Computer Science. The past 20 years have been focused on software development and IT in the retail, healthcare and news journalism industry. Ben and family are members of Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville and serve in several ministries in the area.

Picture of Troy Thompson

Troy Thompson

Information Technology Director

Troy Thompson

Troy is a 1993 Computer Science graduate of Bob Jones University, and has been working in corporate I.T. for over 25 years. Troy and his wife, Jessica, met at Bob Jones and now live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Troy, Jessica, and their daughter Kira are members of Berean Baptist Church in Lilburn, Georgia, and serve in various ministries: Troy handles I.T. for Berean, Jessica teaches in the Wednesday night Frontline clubs, and all three of the Thompsons sing in the adult choir. Troy has had the privilege of seeing Camp Infinity grow from its early concept stage, and has consulted with Camp Infinity staff to assist with various technology implementations and team-building tools.

Summer Staff

Picture of Nathan Dwire

Nathan Dwire


Nathan Dwire

I am a Junior Zoo and Wildlife Biology major at Bob Jones University. I am very excited about the opportunity to serve at such a unique camp this summer. I can’t wait to help my campers learn more about STEM and about their Creator. This camp’s position of teaching STEM from a Christian worldview provides a great opportunity to learn how to live in a world that often sees science and religion as unreconcilable. I look forward to the role I get to play in teaching future Christian STEM leaders!

Picture of Anne-Mrea Fariss

Anne-Mrea Fariss

Program Manager

Anne-Mrea Fariss

My journey in Biblical Apologetics began just before my Sophomore year of high school. In the years since, the Lord has grown my burden for Christians to know how to give faithful answers to the world. Attending a secular college has been an eye-opening and faith-strengthening experience and made me all the more aware of this need. I have such a burden for Christian young people to have a thriving relationship with the Lord and a strong foundation in His Word so that they can be a catalyst in the culture around them. Working at Ci last summer was a huge blessing and I am so excited to be returning for another year. May He continue to grow and equip us as both staff and campers!

Picture of Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson


Anna Johnson

Hey there, I’m Anna! I’m a sophomore nursing major at Bob Jones University. I have been blessed to grow up around the STEM field my whole life and have had many opportunities to learn, maybe more than I intended at times. While my major isn’t strictly STEM, I have been greatly strengthened by my classwork and have developed a love for the living sciences and astronomy. I also have been blessed to have a strong foundation in apologetics and philosophy, which are truly indispensable in our age. Especially in these times of uncertainty, we have a sure foundation and hope in the truths of God’s Word, and strength in the gift of scientific exploration. I am very excited for this opportunity to explore the wonder of God’s creation through the lens of the Bible and help campers see the strength of Biblical science!

Picture of Steven Platt

Steven Platt


Steven Platt

Hello, all! I am a Sophomore Computer Engineering major at Bob Jones University. I am greatly looking forward to learning more about God through His creation this summer with the campers! Throughout my teenage years, God gave me a passion for solving problems using the fields of math and technology. Counseling at Camp Infinity provides an amazing opportunity for me to share my love for the fields of STEM through the lens of Scripture! I love working with young people, and I am excited to help campers explore science and strengthen their relationship with God. I am praying that God will use this summer to draw us closer to Him as we explore His creation.

Picture of Ben Torkelson

Ben Torkelson

Camp Director

Ben Torkelson

Ben Torkelson was born raised in Alaska and spent a lot of time during his growing up years attending Christian camps. In 1997 he was a counselor at Solid Rock Bible Camp. He then went into construction and in 2014 moved to Northern Kentucky and helped build the Ark Encounter. Ben has been working with Camp Infinity for the past three years as a tour guide at the Ark and chaplain for the campers. His passion is preaching and seeing people grow in faith and love. He also loves using technology to reveal God’s brilliance and creativity. Ben is married and has 10 wonderful children. “I’m very excited to see what God will do this year with Camp Infinity!” -Ben

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions about Camp Infinity. Search FAQ using the search bar in the header; ask a question you don’t see here by emailing [email protected].

STEM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Math. It brings together individuals with knowledge in each of these academic disciplines to work together to solve problems that would be impossible for an individual to solve efficiently. It emphasizes teamwork. It is a most important job skill for today's "high tech" job market. Read our blog: STEM's Synergy

Our overnight camps are blessed to stay at Potter's Ranch, located along the Ohio River in Union, KY. The address is 5194 Beaver Rd, Union, KY 41091. Please note, the camp property is protected by a gate. You will need the current gate code to enter. Contact Ci before you arrive as most cell provider's service does not reach the front gate. Here is a link to directions to the Ranch.

As a STEM camp, we focus on problem solving in a teamwork environment. With our robotics activities, unlike many camps and after school groups, we maintain a very low ratio of campers per robot. This maximizes each camper's level of hands-on robotics experience.

Each year our camps are new. While we keep the common theme of STEM & biblical worldview, the activities are new each year. At the beginning of each year, our program team starts meeting to plan the next summer’s STEM and spiritual theme. Then we begin creating new curriculum which corresponds to those themes. This next summer we are introducing drone technology into several of our activities. If your child has the qualities of curiosity and a strong desire to ask questions and learn about the Creation of the Creator, then Ci will NOT disappoint!

Each family needs to setup an account before they can apply to one of our camps. Only one account needs to be created for each family. If you forget your password you can request to change it and an email will be sent to you.

While we run our camps in northern Kentucky near the Creation Museum, our camp office is in Greenville, South Carolina.

We offer camps for students entering 3rd through 12th grades. We also offer a family camp for all ages.

We offer a variety of STEM programs to best suit the interest of each student. For example, we offer programs in robotics, biology, geology, astronomy and physics. All of our programs also include a strong biblical foundation in apologetics to teach students how to present solid Bible answers to some of life's toughest questions about origins of the universe, design, life, and ethics.

We have several different camps that vary in length. Some of our camps are overnight which are 6 days and some are day camps which are 3 days. Camp details

Camp Infinity has a variety of camps for your child to enjoy. We offer overnight camps as well as day camps and a family camp.

Our introductory program does NOT require an in-depth knowledge of any of the topics. However, it does assume each student has an interest in learning science and technology. Advanced programs require the completion of this introductory program.

YES! Due to the higher cost of Ci compared to most Bible camps, we encourage families to find ways to raise funds in a similar manner to what they would do say for a church mission trip. You can donate easily and securely via our website. If you prefer check, mail to our address listed at the bottom of our website.

Yes, we are registered with the IRS as a 501c3 organization. We provide an end of the year giving statement for all donors.

As the Lord burdens others who see the value of Camp Infinity and provides donations to assist those with financial needs, we will make these funds available through a financial aid application process. Our staff, under the direction of our Board, will determine the allocation of any of these funds. Tuition Reduction Program details

Camp Infinity is much more than most faith-based camps. It is a unique educational experience which exposes each student to various fields of science and technology. More details are our blog: Camp Infinity Investment.

No. We are a separate 501c3 organization operated independently. We have an operating board as well as a board of advisors. We work very closely with both AiG and the Creation Museum as we believe they provide some the best resources to provide our students with solid answers to relevant questions about science and the Bible.

We prayerfully seek college students who 1) love God 2) love STEM 3) love young people 4) love young earth creation worldview. Each potential counselor fills out an extensive application. We review these applications and follow up on 3 references per applicant - one of which is their pastor. Then we extend contracts to those we feel are best equipped to help us accomplish our mission in the lives of those students the Lord chooses to send us. It's an exciting process and one that gives great blessings as we hear from each counselor applicant what God is doing in their life and why they want to serve at Camp Infinity. Counselor application details

While the ACA (American Camper Association) recommends one staff member for every 8 students ages 9 to 14, Camp Infinity seeks to have one trained counselor for every 5 students. When you add in the non-counseling staff at Camp Infinity and our Living Headquarters, it's closer to one staff member for every 2 students. watch FAQ Video

Get excited for an amazing experience! Check out our blog (http://campinfinity.com/blog) and like us on Facebook to learn more about Camp Infinity. Once you've registered you will have access to the parent dashboard. This will contain valuable details. The most important item is your checklist. Be sure to read and complete it once it appears, usually Feb/Mar. An email will be sent out notifying you.

Yes. We pay to do a national background check on each counselor, teacher and volunteer. Basically everyone who is working closely with the students is checked. It is our desire to do all we can to insure the safety and well being of each student.

Parents are invited, and encouraged, to join us at the Creation Museum for our awards program on the final day of camp. During this time we will honor those students who have excelled in STEM as well as creation apologetics. Students will also demonstrate some of the activities they did during the week, such as their robots.

Yes, medications will be kept in a locked container by camp staff. Parents will be asked to fill out a Medication Authorization Form before camp begins. A trained staff member takes care of the daily distribution as indicated on these forms.

Deposits are non-refundable. Full tuition is due no later than May 15. After your full tuition has been paid, should you need to cancel for any reason, we will process a full refund (less deposit) no later than June 15. After that time if you need to cancel, we will issue your family a credit good for any of next summer's camp programs. If you wish, you may donate this amount to our scholarship fund to help needy students.

Once you have paid your deposit, you can go in and pay any amount of your tuition balance until completely paid. You do this by going to your Ci Dashboard which is located on our website - http://campinfinity.com

Yes, you can setup monthly payments to spread out your balance due. There is no additional charge for this. We created this feature to be a budgeting help to our families. The payments occur monthly on the same day, and once your balance is paid in full the payments terminate.

Here are the setup instructions:

1) login to your Ci Dashboard, here’s the link
2) Click on the green “PAY” button.
3) Setup your payment information.
4) Check “Recurring” under “Payment type”

The Creation Museum is excited to offer a customized discounted rate to Camp Infinity but due to the deep nature of these discounts they regret they cannot at this time offer additional discounts in conjunction with Camp Infinity.