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A Theology of Technology

Fusing ideas from science and creation apologetics.

On our blog our friends of Camp Infinity connect STEM and a biblical worldview.

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Is Teaching Creation a “Huge Disservice” to Students and the Sciences? Creation

Is Teaching Creation a “Huge Disservice” to Students and the Sciences?

A recent article by a secular blogger claimed that children who aren’t taught evolution won’t get that spark of interest that propels them to become scientists. Well, at Answers in Genesis we don’t believe that you need to be taught and believe evolution in order to be passionate about discovering more about what God has made. And this certainly bears true throughout history—many of the greatest scientists of all time were Christians who studied nature for God’s glory (and many of them lived at the time of Darwin)! We want more scientists like that. The phrase I put in bold particularly attracted attention and ...

Warping the Universe Creation

Warping the Universe

But what are gravitational waves, and why couldn’t anyone measure them until now? The answers involve the nature of gravity. So what is gravity? Isaac Newton says, “Gravity is a force of attraction between any two objects.” This sounds mysterious. Why would two objects attract each other? Albert Einstein says, “Because they warp the fabric of space, so that moving objects curve toward each other.” Back when Einstein proposed this, scientists wanted to see evidence before they believed it. But the evidence quickly started to mount, and today this theory has passed every test we’ve managed to give it. However, ...

How to Make a Black Hole Creation

How to Make a Black Hole

A black hole is a place in space where the gravity is so strong that not even light can escape. But how can black holes form? What would make gravity so strong? To answer this question, we need to think about how gravity works. Gravity depends on two things—mass and distance. If you make something more massive, its gravity will get stronger. Or, if you get closer to something, its gravity will get stronger—in particular, if you cut the distance in half, the object’s pull will be four times as strong.[1] There is a catch, though. When we say “distance,” ...

Black Holes: Waterfalls in Space Creation

Black Holes: Waterfalls in Space

by Maxwell Lorentz “What goes up must come down,” they say. But is this true? Throw a ball, straight up, as hard as you can. It goes up—and then comes down. If you could throw it 1,000 miles per hour, it would go more than 6 miles high—and then come down. If you could throw it 10,000 mph, it would go twice as high as the Hubble Space Telescope—and then fall back. But if you could throw the ball 26,000 mph, it would keep going and never return—because this speed is faster than Earth’s escape velocity.[1] The Earth’s escape velocity ...

Were There “Boogers” Before the Fall? Creation

Were There “Boogers” Before the Fall?

Obviously, Scripture doesn’t provide a direct answer to that question. But let’s list out what we know from the Bible: God created a perfect world (Genesis 1:31); there was no death and suffering in this original creation, We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139:13) in his image (Genesis 1:27), God’s perfect creation was marred by sin (Genesis 2:17; Genesis 3); sin brought death, suffering, and disease into God’s creation, Even though our bodies are marred by sin and the Fall, we still bear the hallmarks of being wonderfully designed by God (Psalm 139:13; Romans 1:20). Now, let’s ...

The Science & Math of Summer Creation

The Science & Math of Summer

I think most of us would agree that summer is over once kids are back in school and summer vacations have ended. Days are getting shorter. Weather a bit cooler (depending on how far away from the equator we live, of course). But from a scientific perspective, something we love to do at Camp Infinity, summer isn't over until September 21 or 22  or 23 or 24. It has to do with the earth's tilt and somethings called solstices and equinoxes. The year is divided into the four seasons based on the two equinoxes and the two solstices. The summer ...

May the Fourth Be with You Camp Infinity

May the Fourth Be with You

Now, we won’t be fighting droids with light sabers or protecting the galaxy from unbridled evil, but we will be programming robots and looking to see what God’s Word says about the idea of extraterrestrial life. Each of our campers who attend any of our summer camps (teen overnight, teen day, kids camp, and family camp) will get to travel off to far away galaxies and stars themselves through the immersive experience of the Stargazer’s Planetarium at the Creation Museum. And those who attend teen overnight or family camp will also get to use world-class telescopes to look at the ...

Creation Scientists—They’re Real Scientists! Creation

Creation Scientists—They’re Real Scientists!

As Christian young people enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, training, or careers, they may hear this common mantra, “creationists don’t do real science!” or “creationists can’t be scientists!” Nothing could be farther from the truth. You don’t have to adopt a naturalistic, usually atheistic, interpretation of the evidence to be a great scientist. You can start with the Bible, as many scientists in the past did and many today still do. If you join us this summer here at Camp Infinity, you’ll get to do real science. We don’t shy away from it—we love science! We specifically ...

5 Things Christians Should Remember on Darwin Day Creation

5 Things Christians Should Remember on Darwin Day

Today, two hundred and eight years ago, the naturalist Charles Darwin was born. In recent years there’s been a push to celebrate his life and work by commemorating his birthday as Darwin Day. There has even been a push to celebrate Darwin in the church. The Clergy Letter Project, led by atheist Michael Zimmerman, promotes Evolution Weekend, a celebration of the supposed harmony between religion (by which they mean any religion but not those who stand on the authority of God’s Word) and science (by which they mean evolution). Because Darwin Day, February 12, falls on a Sunday this year, ...

Cutting-Edge Research on an Allosaurus Skull at the Creation Museum Creation

Cutting-Edge Research on an Allosaurus Skull at the Creation Museum

Taking a look inside the brain cavity of a dinosaur takes some specialized equipment. Only a handful of engineering companies even have the necessary technology. Answers in Genesis (AiG) partnered with 3D Engineering Solutions of Cincinnati, Ohio, to perform a CT scan of the Allosaurus skull. As far as AiG knows, this is the first time an Allosaurus skull has ever been scanned. This scan shows the size and shape of the brain case, as well as the lines where the bones fused as Ebenezer grew. This is exciting research! Ebenezer’s skull is one of the best-preserved Allosaurus skulls ever uncovered. It is 97% complete and includes 53 teeth. What ...

“Science Guy” to Host New Program on Netflix Creation

“Science Guy” to Host New Program on Netflix

According to “Variety,” the new program will “tackle a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry.” It’s interesting to note that the title of this new program is called, “Bill Nye Saves the World.” Really? What is Mr. Nye saving the world from? During his visit to the Creation Museum, one of our campers asked him about some of life’s most important questions. When asked about humankind’s purpose, Nye responded, “our main purpose in existence is passing on genetic material.” He also ...

Making the Most of Every Opportunity Creation

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

I recently travelled to the Pueblo Grande ruins in Phoenix, Arizona during a father-son trip with my son who’s getting married soon. This site features a museum and an archaeological park showcasing the history (or supposed history in some cases) of the Hohokam people. While we were there we saw many signs about how things were many thousands of years old or how these people were “prehistoric.” Here’s one sign I snapped a picture of during our tour: The text reads: “Are they dinosaur bones? No! There are stone tools with the Mammoth bones below. People began hunting these large ...

Worship Earth or Earth’s Creator? Creation

Worship Earth or Earth’s Creator?

Because they start with man’s opinion, rather than God’s Word, evolutionists do not have a proper understanding of the purpose of this earth or our proper place in it. They view earth as the result of natural processes over million of years and often see humans as a blight on the earth. Everything was fine until mankind evolved to come along and wreck it. They elevate nature above mankind and worship it as if it were some kind of god. Sadly many young people will be taught this perspective today in public schools as they participate in Earth Day activities. ...

STEM—God’s Gift! Creation

STEM—God’s Gift!

God is the Creator of science. He designed the universe to operate in a logical, orderly fashion that we can study, observe, and make conclusions about. It’s because of our Creator that we can even do science! Young people, especially those interested in STEM, need to know the truth that they were created and that science glorifies God and confirms His Word. That is what Camp Infinity (Ci) exists to do. Through summer camp programs, they show young campers how to view science from a biblical worldview perspective. Utilizing STEM, campers are encouraged to learn more about God’s creation through ...

2 Special Men of God @ Ci Summer Camps Creation

2 Special Men of God @ Ci Summer Camps

Another man of God which we are priviledged to know is the man God used to invent the MRI scanner, Dr. Raymond Damadian. Here is a blog written by Ken Ham about Dr Damadian's endorsement of Ci. Having men like Ken Ham and Raymond Damadian speak to our campers is one of the things that makes our STEM camp stand apart from all other STEM camps.  We look forward to having Dr. Damadian as one of our key speakers this summer at our 7-Day & 5-Day Overnight STEM camps. Apply today for a limited number of openings. Scholarships and other tuition ...